Thursday, September 29, 2011

Art of Finding & Learning (#4): All About People

It is all about people.  If you have a question, ask the right question of the right person, and you will be on the road toward an answer.  Of course, we all have difficulty asking the right question.  We have to be honest enough about our intentions and clear enough about the issue to ask the right question.   Or we have to be open enough to ask someone else what they think the right question is.  We have to find the right person (the one that knows the answer) - so asking our family and friends might help, but it might not.  Of course, what I am getting at is the fact that we can, in fact, find the right person but they are "speaking to us" on a webpage, on a blog, writing in the newspaper or in a magazine.  It is surprising how many times someone has asked me a question and the easiest way to the answer is to call someone.  Often we hold back when we think of calling someone at a college, think tank, government agency, or company - but sometimes they are more than happy to help.

It is about the dialogue - the conversation that we need to have within ourselves and with others (or the surrogate in print or online) to find the answer.

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