Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art of Finding & Learning (#2): Seeking Patience

If you really value what you are trying to find out, then patience is key.  On the one hand, we do have instant information - weather, stock prices, sports scores, and on the other hand we have answers to our questions.
The approach you take and the attitude you have in seeking answers will impact the results.  Certainly one of the key ones I see is patience.  If you value the answer, then spend the time.

A college student delayed seeking scholarships, expecting that it would be easy to apply and easy to find something.  He missed some deadlines and then failed to find a really great scholarship because he did not use one particular database.  An overweight man seeking weight loss ignored the advice of his doctors and listened to the advise of friends who pulled up bogus information on the web.  This resulted in him becoming quite ill.

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