Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why the Crisis? (#2)

We do have a crisis - in too much confidence.  In contrast to students in the 1980's, only 1% of today's students procrastinate on their research paper because of fear of failure (in contrast to 50% in a 1984 study).  Students moving from K-12 schools to higher education come in with misplaced self-confidence in their knowledge of sources and searching.  This data comes from the work of Project Information Literacy (Univ of Washington) which concluded: "Students have an 'illusion of immediacy' since there are so many resources online, leading students to misjudge how much time is truly needed to complete a course-related research assignment" (Lessons Learned, 12/1/2009).

I think many of us have a disconnect between the answers (their value to us) and how much time we think we should spend on searching.  What do you think?

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