Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Art of Finding & Learning (#5): Perfect Start

Most of us are perplexed on how to start down the path.  We are nervous, impatient, or fearful of the situation we face and we want answers fast.  If we can face down these emotions, while at the same time moving forward at thinking through the situation - we've made progress.  Not all situations demand information or something new.  Many times, we just need to remind ourselves of what we know or calm down enough to make the decision.  Yes, this is a librarian saying we don't always need information.  Most of us tend to not look for information or to grasp for the first thing we find out.  A few of us (like me - a real planning type) spend too much time looking.

How to start:
1. Talk it through in your own head or talk it through with someone.  We all need the dialogue.
2. Can you decide or really have already decided which way to go?  Just go.
3. If you find that there is a gap - that you need some questions answered - start asking around.
4. Then as you go - listen for the sources, the persons or groups, that are mentioned the most and see if you can go there for the information.
5. Write down the decision you need to make and the key questions you have - and answer those.

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