Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Art of Finding & Learning (#9): I Know It!

I know it! -- In many arenas this is really a statement the means: “I have faith in it.”  In many arenas – e.g. global warming, origins of the planet – we can’t completely know.  I came across this delineation of “faith, “from the world of theology, which can help us to understand where we are before becoming embroiled in heated debates.
1st Dimension of Faith is the Latin word, NOTITIA.  Like our modern day word "notice,” notitia mean data or information.  I have knowledge of the basic facts. We need to understand the basic facts of global warming before we can debate it.  This is the content portion of an issue of faith. 
            In order to discuss an issue, you have to get the facts straight.
            In order the get the right facts, we have to do a complete FINDING.
2nd Dimension of  Faith is the Latin word, ASSENSUS which means to intellectually assent to or agree to --- I have come to believe that the facts in this care are generally true.  I have confidence that what I learned about global warming is true. 
            In order to express an opinion, honestly, you have to believe it is true.
            To believe it is true, I have to trust in the facts and trust in the conclusions – I must know that my sources are reliable and that the conclusions are reasonable.  We have to evaluate our FINDING results. 
3rd Dimension of Faith is the Latin word FIDUCIA which means to actively place trust in or personally believe in the conclusions.  I have decided to embrace it so that it impacts me.  I know that global warming is happening and it is impacting the weather around me. Therefore, I will take a stance or take actions to help remedy the situation.
            When you embrace and believe in an issue, then it leads to actions. 
            In order to believe, we have to find, evaluate, & conclude.  At some point we have to decide that we spent enough time and effort in FINDING and have spent enough time and effort in LEARNING that we are ready to decide and act. 

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