Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Put it to the Test

If you offer your opinion or read something that riles you – you need to put it to the test.  Yes, go to Google (use Advanced Search to find current sites only) but also go to your Library databases.  Search a national or local newspaper; check out a reliable journal.

As you probably do, I get so many “alerts” from friends.  When we send out links or the latest “news” item – we do call into question exactly what or who we are following.   Your posting or email reflects on your judgment.  Just because it is on Google or has been “published” doesn’t mean we should pass it on.  By passing it on, we condone it. 

Our ability to search reveals us.  It reveals our judgment and our thinking abilities.  It reveals our willingness to spend that extra time to find true answers and our desire to provide value to our audience – even if it is only family or friends.  Think about it.  

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