Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why the Crisis? (#3)

A very important revealing project you should know about.  The Ethnographic Research in Illinois Academic Libraries (www.erialproject.org) has finished its two-year project that carefully studied college students to find out how they are conducting research.  The project delved deeply into their activities and ferreted out the rationale for the approaches taken to completing assignments and investigating topics of study.

The findings are disturbing and support other studies that conclude students rarely seek help from librarians and are not sure of what librarians do.  Today's students efforts to navigate the library system and dive into non-Google resources net very poor results.  This hi-tech generation may be facile at the basics and social media, but are not learning the 21st century skills needed for today's information worker.

See the list of presentations the team has created and presented around the country at this link.

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