Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not Getting There, If... (#1)

Most people get off track right at the beginning.  We know we need some more information or a new perspective but we -- don't want to admit we are lost.  We don't want to admit we don't know.  Let's pretend as if we do so we don't appear stupid.  Let's be honest -- we all do this.  I have found that librarians, for sure, and most others respond well to someone saying - "I just don't know, but it's something I want to find out."

This will be a series on the missteps we all take in taking the path to finding answers to our questions.  There are twelve missteps.  As we go through them, think about how it applies to the last time you needed information on something important.  Or maybe you have something you are working on now - let me know!

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