Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not Getting There, If... (#2)

The second misstep is: Not Asking the Right Questions.  It is not easy to come up with the key question or questions that really hone in on what you need to find out.  A simple analogy:  Going to the supermarket and asking: "Which aisle has what I need to bake a turkey?"  They would look at you and shake their head.  If instead, you had already looked up the recipe and had, in hand, a list of the ingredients, you could ask for a roasting tray, a package of stuffing, etc.  Asking the right questions is really all about doing some initial search and reading so that you have the background or basics and are ready to ask pertinent questions.  Recently we had to buy a scanner for the library and wanted to get pricing.  We had a few recommended models that we found from a library listserv, but when we found a description we came across acronyms such as 30ppm, 300dpi, and 50-page ADF.  We had to translate them first -- then decide what we needed -- then we were armed with what we needed to ask for price.  Googling these got us too much confusion information, so we used and other tech equipment sites that had easy to use help guides.

BTW:  dpt=dots per inch (quality); ppm=pages per minute (scanned); and adp=automatic document feeder (size).

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