Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not Getting There, If... (#4)

The fourth of our missteps is failing to set a clear target.  Before we set off on the trail of discovery, we have to determine how we will know if we found the answer.  This might seem ridiculous, but think about it.  Unless we set the boundaries, such as finding any domestic car with good gas mileage, below $15,000 in price, we will get off track.  There is much information to consider, but too little time.  As we go along, we need to constantly reset our boundaries given the volume of information, choices, and what we find out about the importance of particular factors.  Unless we determine, before we go to the supermarket, that we want only peach jam with no added sugar -- we will be reviewing way too many different brands, flavors, and concoctions for any decision to be made while standing at the shelves.

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