Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not Getting There, If... (#5)

More and more we have less and less time.  Even reading or surfing the Web can consume precious moments. Many are not aware of how much time they spend searching for something.  Set targets or you will tend to waste time on something that is not worth it.  Determine the risk of not knowing.  Can we just make the decision and move on.  What if we miss something, what would the possible consequences be?  If you remain aware of searching as an activity, you will become aware of time spent.  Try setting a time limit and then assess what you have found at the end.  Is it the topic or your search skills.  Ask a librarian to try the search.  Or ask the librarian to give you a guestimate of the time it should take to find it.  Librarians have searched so many different topics and know so many sources that they can have a real intuitive sense for time.

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