Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Partnering with Faculty

The basic premise is that those students who take advantage of library resources and services engage more in academically challenging tasks.  As reported in a study by Santa Barbara City College:
“The greater the use of the library as a resource and research tool, the greater the progress students reported making toward developing the ability to learn on their own, pursue ideas, and find information they needed.” (Friedlander 21).
Student retention can be improved through the partnership of classroom faculty and librarians to engage students and enhance learning by expanding attempts to motivate students into acquiring the needed information literacy skills. The motivational aspect is often neglected though. William Badke's article from Online magazine (Nov 2009), called "Great Research Disaster" is a disturbing one and points to the (successful) aoidance methods students use to get papers done without using libraries.  

Friedlander, Jack and Peter MacDougall. “Achieving Student Success through Student Involvement.” Community College Review 20:1 (Summer 1992): 20-28. 

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