Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Think About Searching (#1)

New series: derived from my reading about decision-making theory and the new books about the findings on neuroscience experiments.

Best quote I found, I paraphrase from Herbert Simon, Nobel Laureate psychologists:
"The human mind is like a pair of scissors.  One blade is the brain and the other is the specific environment you are grappling with."  Be careful where you clip!

How we search and seek information should depend on the context and the WHAT of our searching topic.  Each search is different.  Each search proceeds differently.  Not all searches can start and end with an entry of a string of words into the Google box.  We should be aware of the kind of search we are making and the kind of information searching decisions it requires.  Yes, we should Think about Searching.  This new tact alone could really change the success rate and the time savings of your searches.  Keep reading.

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