Thursday, February 2, 2012

Think About Searching, #3

Each mind contains two different thinking systems or activity centers.  One is SLOW or rational. We think in a linear fashion when using this capability.  We are more deliberate - "let's carefully consider..."  The other system, which we less often give credit to, is QUICK.  It is the emotional and effortless capability - when we see or hear something and "we just know" what to do.  What has been suggested is that we THINK about our THOUGHTS -- yes, to observe how we are making the decision.  We may "jump to conclusions" when we need to consider the facts.  Think about how you are reacting to a story on the news about an issue - is it being slanted by a particular view?  Check the facts.  Are we reacting emotionally to an issue that is really just a straightforward fact?

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