Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Search Tips #15: Essential Job Skills

Do you need excellent Find & Learn skills for jobs today?  Yes you do.  Over and over, I have seen them discussed related to essential skills in the job marketplace.  The chief executive of Netflix, Reed Hastings, gave a talk about his corporate culture that clearly reveals this (see http://www.slideshare.net/reed2001/culture-179866). I highlighted the key phrases that relate to Find & Learn skills.  His presentation posed nine skills and various behaviors that are highly valued in Netflix (here are some excerpts):

1. Judgment
: “You make wise decisions… despite ambiguity.”
2. Communication:
“You are concise and articulate in speech and writing.” 
3. Impact: "You exhibit bias-to-action, and avoid analysis-paralysis"
4. Curiosity: "You learn rapidly and eagerly", "You contribute effectively outside of your specialty" “You are broadly knowledgeable...”
5. Innovation: "You challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better approaches"
6. Courage: "You say what you think even if it is controversial", "You make tough decisions without agonizing", "You take smart risks"
7. Passion: "You inspire others with your thirst for excellence", "You celebrate wins", "You are tenacious"
8. Honesty: "You are quick to admit mistakes"

9. Selflessness: "You are ego-less when searching for the best ideas." “You share information openly and proactively.”

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