Monday, March 26, 2012

Information Intensive Jobs

It is hard to describe most any job today without including the information component.  What I mean is that jobs all contain duties that include constant learning and even searching for information.  Whether it is handling large computer controlled machines, using sales data to develop new sales prospects, or getting news on a competitor.  There used to be ratings of professions based on their information intensity.  That has become less necessary because of rapid change and automation.  Both of these factors necessitate better Find & Learn skills for workers at all levels.  One of the largest new areas of expertise is in data mining.  Companies large and small are mining the data (information and electronic records) they have on customers, transactions, events, and web clicks.  This is being reported in the news as recently as two weeks ago when Target said it has used data mining to develop a model of behavior that allows them to track in-store and purchasing records of customers to predict whether or not they are pregnant!  Information tools and skills are driving business today.

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