Thursday, March 8, 2012

Think About Searching, #9

Interesting phrase - :"sin of certainty" -- since most of our culture is set on appearances of certainty.  Why is it that we have to pretend to know?  When it comes to finding and learning, self-assurance is a flaw.  If we are eager to learn, then we can abandon ourselves to the journey.  This involves questioning what we know and questioning what we find.  Imagine trying to learn how to grow carrots.  As we read about it, shouldn't we question what they mean by sandy soil?  Is it all sand or can we just mix some sand into the soil we have?  What we conclude makes a big difference in how much effort we will need to expend.

We need to encourage that inner dialogue that forces us to think about what we are finding and reading.  If we become sensitive to that sense of disturbance in what we read -- when we ask ourselves, "is that really what they are seeing," then we become learners.

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