Thursday, April 12, 2012

Think About Searching, #14

Can you judge how much effort it will take to find a specific piece of information?  If you could - you certainly could save yourself lots of time or save yourself from some headaches.  You can learn this skill, if you own your information skills.  Think about searching and how it works.  You need to assess, for any one search, what the minimum, adequate, and maximum effort it will take to solve the problem.  To find someone you used to know in high school might seem a simple task, nowadays, with Facebook and all.  But you may have someone with a common name and it may be that they are female and got married.  The complexity starts increasing.  There may be some people finder sites, but they may charge.  Are you will to go the distance?  What is the adequate amount of time and money that it will take.  If you begin to see it is a longer journey, size it up, and decide whether or not to proceed.

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