Monday, May 28, 2012

Art of Finding #15: Creativity and Thinking

Useful perspective to Find & Learn: De Bono's work in creative thinking.  Edward De Bono's works are classic in the field of creativity.  His most famous book, The Six Thinking Hats, describes a technique that I have used through the years - although not a lot recently.  It is a technique for "brainstorming" in a group where we all jointly review a topic from different perspectives (e.g. emotional, critical).  The White Hat is one of the six and is the information hat where one reviews what information is at hand and what information is needed.  Sometimes I think librarians are teaching just to that one hat, rather than offering up searching in the more robust reality of the whole thinking context.  The same is true in terms of information literacy in context with critical thinking.  De Bono's latest book is called, Think! Before It's Too Late.  The other phrase used to describe his works is lateral thinking.  Try them out.

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