Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Gulf Widens

The gulf between what you can find quickly (through Google) and what you can find otherwise is growing.  As I noted in a previous post - the set of sites you will search among when you do a Google search is only 10% of existing sites.  Do I care about the 90%.  In some cases no, but in other cases yes.  This again is about "owning the problem."  If you only need and are only doing a quick and easy look-up, then do Google.  But many times the expected answer will not be there or you may wind up puzzled.  Then what you need to do is not search, but investigate.  The word investigate implies a great deal more in terms of intent, dedicated effort, thoroughness, and importance.  You need a concerted strategy and you need to search among the subscription or grey-world of online resources to do an investigation.

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