Thursday, May 3, 2012

Invest in Your Knowledge Skills

What do you have expertise in right now?  Think about any topic that you have spent time on.  Answer these questions:  Would you be able to talk to an expert in the field and understand what they are saying?  Do you know about key resources: stores, websites, associations, or local chapters?  Do you know others that are interested in the same topic and with whom you can share insights?  Do you read books on the topic or subscribe to magazines in the subject area?

If you are able to say yes and explain any of these than you are most likely more knowledgeable than the average citizen.  You could become a resource yourself!  That would be a decision to make - either as a vocation or occupation.  Think about your skills in terms of knowledge and look for ways to develop it.  Either it is fulfilling to your soul or to your wallet.

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