Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Making Choices

Do we want reliable answers for quick information?  With such ready information at hand, there is the illusion that quickness will bring you solutions.  We may find information, but is it reliable.  The step that most students miss is the step in which they check if the source of their information is reliable.  On the web it is fairly straightforward.  Find "About Us" or "Contact Us" links and see who is responsible for the page.  Check to see when the page was last updated (bottom line of the page).  If there is not background on the person or organization, do another search just on them.  For more important a search is - the more important it is to check the reliability of the information you found.  When you use library sources, that is, databases and sources that the library buys - they are acquired because they are reliable.  You increase the probability of good answers if you use library sources.

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