Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Search Tips #13: Prove You Are an Expert?

Are you an expert on a topic?  What is it?  How can you prove that you know enough on a topic to express your opinion.  One professor of mine said, "I don't want to read about your opinion in your paper; I want to read what you found out."  That's true unless you are getting your doctorate and know more than most people in the world.  Is that extreme?  I suppose, but not in the current environment where everyone expresses an opinion whether or not they know the subject.

If you really want to prove to yourself that you know a topic, then call an expert and see if you can follow the discussion.  Can you even hold a discussion?  As a corporate researcher, I used to look up experts in the federal and state government and ask them questions.  I only did that after having thoroughly researcher it and talking to internal people to verify that I had good questions.  Then I could usually follow the discussion.

What a joy it is to become expert on something over time.  Think about it.

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