Friday, June 15, 2012

Search Tips #14: Finding Jobs Means Finding Information

Having been the job market numerous times over the years, I am much practiced in interviewing.  Yes, there are skills needed for when you are in the interview.  But I would rather focus on when you are preparing for the interview.  Two things.  1 - pull up different lists of interview questions (they are easy to find on the web) and compile a list of possible questions that relate both to the job at hand and to task that the hiring manager has in hiring the right personality.  If you practice responses to the set you get, you will be better prepared to answer the questions, like, "If one word, please describe yourself."  These kinds of questions may be awkward but if you know yourself and are willing to share yourself, the interview will go much better.  2 - pull up as much info you can about the hiring company and its mission.  Go to the library and use its job bank and company databases to pull up recent articles about what that company is facing.  What are key topics in that industry or arena?  Be willing to answer questions based on at least some background on an institution that you may spend many years with.

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