Friday, July 6, 2012

Desert Pete

Still puzzling over the meaning of the Desert Pete story.  Came upon a further explanation of its sources (see  This led to one of the additional meanings of the story (quoting from article above):

"So, even today, some 30 years after I first heard that song, I am still trying to be careful to: 
1) Follow the Instructions of others who have gone before. Many other people have passed this way before me, and many others will come along after me. In the word of Business, I believe I need to learn to do what was done by those who have been successful in Business. I should follow their example; copy their success; and do what they did, in order to succeed! There's no need to make a new road! No need for me to re-invent the wheel! I should use the wheel that another invented. I need to follow the road that another has paved! 

Much of information seeking is to find this trail.  To find out what others learned before striking out on my own.  There is a cautionary note to "pay heed" before failing.  I think this applies to the approach we have to finding information too.  Do we just rush forward and aim for and accept the latest comments about a topic?  Or do we look back, spend the time, to mine what was known before?  Think about it.  

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