Friday, August 31, 2012

Media Wars

Many of us are numbed by the media wars - polarizing 24/7 assaults on the "other side."  It is very hard to straighten out the facts.  In a previous blog, I gave you links to various fact checking sites.  In a hard-hitting opinion piece in the Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ), Tom Ehrich writes about this.  The article title is "Your best weapon in a war of ideas is information" (Sat., Aug. 18, 2012).  Some important quotes from the article:

1- "I do recognize that being informed takes effort."
2-  "Dueling opinions are the heartbeat of politics.  Dueling facts, however, lead mainly to shouting, bullying and mistrust."
3- [when media outlets] "simply broadcast misinformation, the work of staying informed gets more complicated."

This political season, do your part as a citizen and work at the truth.  Our future depends on it.

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